Random Homeschooling Under a Blue Moon

Art is Awesome…

I am absolutely Loving this book called, The Usborne Art Treasury .

A wonderful friend loaned it to me because Randomkid is so into Art and said her art kiddos enjoyed it as well.  It is geared toward younger kiddos, but I am using it as a springboard for creative ideas.

And let me just say that I am getting rockin’ ideas out of this book.

I really enjoy the DK book series.  Randomkid is very visual and DK’s books always have bright, vivid, and engaging pics in them.  Heck, I dig them just as much as Randomkid.  There is a little Artist background and a highlighted work of art by that artist that the project is about. The projects in the book are easily understood and well written.  So the book is a win-win in my opinion.

I hadn’t even had the book for one day when I found my first art project to do out of it!  I was just beginning to peruse the book and the second artist mentioned went perfectly with the books we are reading for our homeschool group Out of the Box. Score!

I haven’t even gotten a quarter the way through the book yet, because every art idea I find leads me on a Randomgoose chase to more ideas, and then of course I have to start a Pinterest board for that. Lol 🙂

Along with the DK Book, I am also using a book called, Great Artists for Kids, as a vehicle to bring out my Imagination….said like Spongebob… complete with visual rainbow. Lol  😉

On that note, and while I’m on the supplement train I must take time out to mention my other secret place that I run to for Awesome ideas.

Second only to my beloved Pinterest, is our Wonderful Local Library.

Have you hugged a librarian today?  Not a hugger?  Try flowers or cookies, they love either one. 😀

I love our library, it is the Bomb!  Whenever I need a book, the librarians can find it for me.  They are like awesome superheroes in Clark Kent disguises. 🙂


The Random Homeschooler 🙂

P.S.- Any ideas to share about coolio art curriculum from any of you out there in internet land?  Drop me a line down in the comment box.  Happy Homeschooling! 😀

Out of the Box Book of the Month…


Every month we do a unit study on a book for our Homeschool Group Out of the Box.

This month we’re reading The Earthdragon Awakes by Laurence Yep. It’ s pretty short, but extremely interesting. We thought it might be nice to start back from our Christmas/New Years Break with a short book.

We had our first meeting on Monday. 😀

Our first mom had an Extremely difficult topic to go over. She shared all about Chinese Immigration. It was fascinating.
Sometimes our history is really hard to break down for kids. It’s frustrating to hear about some of the crappier times in our past and try to break it down for the kiddos so they don’t get sooooo irritated and frustrated that they all want to leave the room and revoke their citizenships. We try to always follow all the heavy stuff with fun stuff, or it just happens that way some times. 🙂

Today we followed the tuff stuff with Firefighters and how they fought the fires after the San Francisco earthquake. One our moms showed the kids a book with some cool info. and pics. Then the kids participated in a mini bucket brigade. She finished her teaching time with some awesome old films on Youtube of how San Francisco looked before and after the big fire. Firefighting is always a Coolio topic for kiddos! 😉

The last mom taught the kids all about similes and metaphors. Mr. Yep’s book is chock full of them. Literally, you open the book, stick your finger on a page and tah-dah! you’ve discovered another one.  She did a great job keeping everyone’s attention & she gave them homework! Yesly! 😀

The next time we meet for group we will be having a special guest speaker coming to share about China. We will also be trying out some yummo food. Yay! We’re also going to cover some art stuff.

The last meeting of our book will be an earthquake day. Yay! I’m helping out with that one. Hopefully it will be wayyy fun. 😀
I’ll update ya on more later.

The Random Homeschooler 🙂

Awesome Saucesome!!

Back to the Grind

I haven’t posted on here in a looooooooong while, so I figured I’d spend some posts catching up. 😀

Okay, first of all, just how long Has is been… Wow, my last post was November 17th! Whaaaaat?? Whoa!

Well, it has been a very fun, but whirlwindy type year so far…is that even a word? whirlwindy?, hmmm.

Anyhoo, Randomkid and I have been going through books faster than you can say, read it or weep!
We have left Mrs. Frisby and Dragonwings in the dust jacket room. 😮

We have sped through The Door in the Wall, Indian Captive, Island of The Blue Dolphins, and we are starting another book this month with our new Homeschool Group Out of the Box.

More on that in a later post!

Aaaand we have jogged through-
The Incredible Journey, The Castle in the Attic, Narnia, and we just started Mrs. Piggle Wiggle before Christmas. 😀

Of course, subjects like Math are going slower than a boat to China stuck in January Molasses, Sigh.  But it’s cool, I will focus on the Happy Things in my life such as my rockin’ Out of The Box Group and Readers Café. 🙂

How is your coolio schoolio year going so far?
Probs Bobs?
Awesome Saucesome?

The Random Homeschooler 🙂

Fun Days in the Fall… While They Last

Fine Fall Day

Wow!  Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in our neck of the woods.  We had an outdoor school day with Out of the Box.  We are currently reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.  In the story a young native girl is left on an island to survive on her own.  So, we did a bushcraft/survival day!

We all had no idea what we were doing, but whatevs, it still turned out fun…well at least my Randomkids thought so. 🙂

I was in charge of natural dyes.  Sounds great? Right?  Well… It turned out that the dyeing process was a bit trickier than I thought…  Like everything I do with homeschooling. Lol

Not a biggie if I was only dealing with 4 or5 kiddos, but 10 kiddos puts a much larger spin on it.  So after panicking for a bit, I came up with a plan.  I would show them some natural dyeing with my clothes, and we’d “cheat” with their clothes.

Of course I hit Pinterest- Dyestuff for ideas…Loooove Pinterest!!  I found this wonderful little pin about sharpie marker art and the psychedelic effects rubbing alcohol has on it.

So, we tried it aaaand everyone seemed to enjoy it. Yay!!

Well, I had fun at least, except for all the stupid yellow jackets that were drawn to my natural dyes.

Black bean juice…


Black tea…



Some weird herbal tea concoction made from a small unmarked baggie lurking in the back of my cupboard that smelled like mulled cider…


Anyhoo, this is what my sharpie stuff turned out like…


I’ll give you a pic of the natural dye stuff in a day or two…I’m gonna let them soak until Thursday just to see how dark they get… it’s all a crazy experiment. Lol

We’ll see how next week goes. 😀


The Random Homeschooler 🙂



Homeschoolin’ has been Wearin’ Me Out….

Homeschool chaos

Wow!! This year homeschool has taken over Everything…it’s like a cut scene from the birds…little homeschoolers sitting everywhere staring at me………..Aaaaaaaaaaah! *Runs off screaming into the night*

Okay, I’m better now.

My plate has just been Really full! We are out of the house more than we are in it.
Two years ago I joined an A-typical co-op. Nice place, great moms, some fun classes that the Randomkids enjoyed.

Okay, fast forward to now…My Randomkid Firstborn is flyin’ the coop this year so it’s just me and Randomkid II most of the time in the Homeschoolin’ Arena, battling it out.

Randomkid Firstborn goes to work with the hubby two or three times a week where he learns a “Trade”…namely how to make money and eventually leave the house.

Both the Randomkids also attend the aforementioned A-typical co-op once a week….which includes any and all work load that they have to finish for classes taken there.

Each Randomkid also attends one outside class per week….which includes any and all work load needed to be finished.

So, that leaves me with one uninterrupted to two-ish days at home to attempt and cover MY homeschool agenda….which does NOT include any and all work load needed to be finished…because it Never gets done. Ha!

I do believe I’m losing my mind trying to keep up this chaotic schedule.

Sooooo, I did what any self respecting over achieving homeschool nutjob would do, I decided to quit the previously mentioned A-typical co-op.
….Of course, again like any self respecting over achieving Random homeschool nutjob I replaced it with a NOT A-typical co-op style group…..More on that in another post.

I have two more weeks of this Crazy schedule, then I will actually have two uninterrupted to three-ish days at home to attempt and cover MY homeschool agenda. I’m soooooo excited. It’s going to be so relaxing…. ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Calgon take me away 🙂

So, thanks to Daylight Savings Time waking me up anywhere from 2-5AM every morning and my soon to be added day to the work week, I might Actually have more time to Blog everyday! Shockers! 😮

The Random Homeschooler 🙂

Literary Discussions Group….

Literary Discussions Group

I was trying to find a way to give my Randomkid Firstborn a fun finish to his homeschooling career.  He loves to read, but doesn’t really enjoy fiction books unless they are about History.  And even then, he prefers a non-fiction book about History. Lol

So, I talked with a friend and we decided to start a Literary Discussions Group for our seniors.  Well, you know how things go, we talked about it at a Mom’s Night at my house and some of the other moms chimed in and before we knew it we had a group of four seniors meeting together twice a month.

I love it when a plan comes together!…yes, that is an A-team reference…thank you Hannibal. 😉

Our first book?

Robinson Crusoe

And yes, I made a Pinterest board for that. ;D

Literary Discussions Group- Robinson Crusoe

The guyos read the first half of the book and then have their first meeting of the month.  They need to find examples of various literary elements from the book with page references and they each have to come up with 10 questions to ask each other at the meetings.  Also, another mom comes up with various writing assignments to compliment the book.

So far, Randomkid Firstborn seems to be enjoying the book and the group.  Chalk a point up in the Mom Column! 😀


The Random Homeschooler 🙂

Why Pinterest is this Random Homeschooler’s Best Friend…

Pinterestin Post

I Reeeeally like Pinterest a lot.
I am an Extremely Visual person and so is my Randomkid.
I found Pinterest a few years ago and loved the idea of bookmarking my interests in such a visually engaging way.

Side note: If I need to remember something, I have to see it…this drives the Hubster nutsy cuckoo.

For instance, I need to take my vitamins everyday soooo they Have to be out so I can See them and remember to take them. Hubby puts them away…I get them back out again. Lol

So, back to Pinterest.

Ok, I have a Ridiculously large Pinterest board that is organized for me…so that means it’s not Really organized at all. Lol…again.

Insert Random Flashback here….
I was on my boards last month attempting to find some ideas to somehow get my Randomkid interested in doing school. We start in July and it’s difficult to get the Randomkid to even blink a half-lidded eye at school normally, much less during the heavenly bliss of, “Summer Vacation.” :/
Anyhoo, back to Pinterest…again. Oy
As I was Pinnin around, Randomkid walks by me and stops short…you know like the My Big Fat Greek Wedding phone line thing.
He sits down next to me and starts asking me about my different school boards. So I give him a bit of a tour. He was really into what he saw. And he says to me, do you think that maybe I could pick some boards that I like and we could work our way through the activities and things on them.
Me… 😮
…Like Flint Lockwood on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

So, of course I happily complied and for Everything we do now I create a new board on Pinterest to complement it.
Thank you Pinterest! You have saved this Random Homeschooler’s bacon… again!! 😀

The Random Homeschooler 🙂

Readers Cafe Book of the Month…


We are part of a Awesome book club through our local library.  Randomkid has been a part of it for almost 3 years now.  Randomkid is Not a big reader and trying to get him to read books, especially “classics is nearly impossible. :/

But for Miss Jess the librarian, Randomkid will read just about any book. 😀  Every month Readers Cafe spotlights one book.  Each member of the club gets to pick a book from Miss Jess’s list….A list, I might add, that she encouraged us parents to help her compile. 😉

We meet twice a month and at each meeting whichever kid picked the book puts together a list of 10 questions to ask about what we’ve read so far.  The kid who picked the book is also responsible for bringing a snack.  A lot of times the kids will bring foods that are mentioned in the book or make a special recipe that celebrates the book in some way.  It’s incredibly fun and gets Randomkid really hyped up about reading.  We will usually do a Unit Study on the book, cause I love me a good Unit Study, and I can usually find a Ton of activities, creative writing ideas, and cross curricular stuff to do on the web.

We are going to be finishing up Rats of Nimh next week, I’m excited to see which classic we get to delve into next. 😀

Here’s a list of All the classic books and not so classic books we’ve read so far complete with Randomkid ratings from Five Stars all the way down to a Donut… 🙂

book list1

book list 2

We highly recommend all of our Four and Five Star Books. 😀

And of course there’s a Pinterest Board for this too. 😉

Readers Cafe

Do you have any favorites on the list?


Do you have any classics to recommend for our club?


The Random Homeschooler 🙂

Literature Corner: Dragonwings by Laurence Yep

Dragonwings by Laurence Yep

I’ve been working on a way to get my Randomkid interested in History…definitely Not his thing.

I was perusing Randomkid’s Grammar Book and I stumbled across a chapter mentioning, yup you guessed it, Laurence Yep.  I did a book list search at the library and found Dragonwings.  I found a copy at a used book store that I frequent and figured it was meant to be. 🙂

I just love Unit Studies and this book is absolutely perfect for that, aaaaand I’m kind of a Pinterest addict, so of course I just had to start a board for it. 😀

Dragonwings Board

I’m excited to see how much coolio History we’re gonna learn.  Yay!

I hope I’m not the only Pinschooler out there. Lol

Do you have any other cool History laced Literature suggestions that I can use for my Middle Schoolin’ Randomkid?


The Random Homeschooler  🙂

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